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Black Maiden is a group of people – mainly from europe – participating in various art disciplines like demos, music, textmode art, graphics design, graffiti and alike. Black Maiden was founded in 1985 by Voice and Tex as a cracking group on the amstrad cpc. Their interest in graphics grew and after doing pixel and game artwork on the atari they moved on to the pc, where they discovered the textmode world of ansi and ascii.

During the rise of the european ansiscene in the mid 90s, Black Maiden became well known and respected in the international textmode art scene. Several influential and well known artists (among those: konami, Noize, Leonardo, Kyp and Avenger) released their work in the so called bmbooks.

Through the fade of ansi in the late 90s Black Maiden shifted their focus to the demo and music scene. Besides releasing, the members are organizing Evoke – the currently second largest demo party in Germany – and participating in demoscene outreach related activities through Digitale Kultur e.V.. Other Black Maiden members are constantly producing music or are involved in many creative scene- and non-scene-disciplines.

If you like to know more about the people behind Black Maiden, just select "members" in the navigation bar and check out the personal profiles – hopefully well maintained by the respective artist.
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Type: Demo
Release Date: August 2008
Party: NVScene 2008
Ranked: 8th
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