(Demo, December 2006)
together with 5711
4th at tUM 2006

here we go again
it's been some fucking time my friends
you know the threat is real
we'll break your neck and put you on your knees
save you're last prayers, too bad noone will ever hear

duck and cover, run for you life
black maiden is here to open up your eyes
we're gonna fucking bring you down

your time will soon be over
no more talks, you'll fuckfuckfuck blabla
your world is gonna end...

so that's what you want
ok, but this time
once and for all
we're gonna destroy you all..

there's no plan a, there's no plan b
everyone who's going to resist is going to die
and for the rest of you... hahaha...
let's go

i said

5711 for life (ad infinitum)
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