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Potzkoten Fastjack / Boil Igor Smoke ...

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After starting to call PC scene boards in 1996 (the first being Pandur's Drastic BBS), Dipswitch got hooked on textmode art. After several not-so-lucky tries in ansi, he specialized in $-style ascii and got his first bigger appearances in Circe and Morph!A. But with the decline of PC ansi boards in Germany he discovered the still vital Amiga scene and left the PC scene for a couple of years, succeeding in drawing Amiga-style ascii and being part of Amiga ascii groups like 1oo%, Arcade and Dream Theatre.

Through being part of "os" sections of groups like Mimic and Galza, and also through getting to know other Black Maiden peeps, Dipswitch gained back the interest in PC art scene, and finally, on Pandur's birthday party, he was invited into Black Maiden just in time to take part in the last BMBook.

Nowadays Dipswitch, besides doing ascii and music, takes part in Evoke organizing as well as in several other demo- and artscene projects. Together with Zaner, he is part of the Amiga demogroup Up Rough.

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