avenger - 10 years of blackmaiden


A-Move of Black Maiden and The Kool
Pandur playing with the beamer
The beamer in full effect
Pandur and his beer
Netpoet and A-Move
Mo (Ideology) at the turntables
Inside the demoroom: Netpoet and A-Move
Pandur once again
XXX of Haujobb sleeping and being kissed by Steam0r
Pandur, Faxe, Andreas and Steamor chatting outside the Demo- and Danceroom
No flash
der Andere
Netpoet and Melkor
Evil Dispwitch (somewhere in the dark)
Another Dipswitch
The crowd watchin Ansis
Inside the kitchen: Chunna. Some people dancing
The kitchen again
Eva, Netpoet and Melkor discussing in the kitchen
Steam0r wearing a funky hat by Netpoet
Der Jung once again
Steam0r and Poti
Pandur and Avenger
Tobi is still sleeping
Steam0r, Avenger and Mizc
Steam0r is sleeping
Actually the same photo again
Poti and Der Andere (?)


more photos are available at slengpung.